” About The Founder 

Atul believes that “Training is Transformation”. He believes every individual is unique. Each personality deserves to be successful in their respective lives provided they will get the required mentoring, coaching, and training. His role is to help them identify their strengths and live their life as a joyful and happy soul.


Atul is a self-motivated individual, who is responsible and committed to adding value to society. He has an empathetic, compassionate, and ‘open-to-learning attitude. He helps people to transform and build their self-image as confident and happy professionals. He likes traveling, observing & understanding different Cultures and is an individual with high interpersonal skills.


He is passionate about transforming people towards better behavioral skills, effective communication, emotional intelligence, public speaking, professional selling skills, team building, guiding people in managing stress and time, and persuading them to indulge in creative thinking and innovation.

About Personal Mastery

Atul is a pharmacy graduate with more than 14 years of Training & Sales corporate experience working with top Pharmaceutical industry giants in the specialties of Dermatology, Facial aesthetics, and medical devices. Training and Coaching are the purposes of his life.


He has also been a founding part of YoMindz- a Live online platform for New code Emotional Intelligence for kids from 7-17 years where Ideation, prototype, content designing, Activities, animation, and worksheets.

the training was imparted and was also responsible for training the trainers, where kids were taught holistic development to broaden their perspective towards emotions, thoughts, mind, and feelings for self and others. Atul holds an Advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) certification and a Master’s diploma certification in learning.


Development from the most prestigious Indian Academy of Training and Development (IATD), a Certified Self Leadership coach, and a Certified Executive Coach from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and hence gaining experience in coaching people from different parts of the country, and a Master in Philosophy.


Learn, Unlearn, Relearn


I believes that the right education is the first step towards bringing the real change. It gives you the power to transform your mindset and thus providing you with the desired results.



I believes that you must be empowered with the tools and technques for lasting change. In my workshops, I empowers my participants with the techniques to master every area of their life.

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I inspire my participants for creating lasting transformation. This is possible with the right education, proper empowerment and timely guidance, which is always available for my participants.

You can have an extraordinary life. Would you like to know the secret to have one?