Let Me Help You To Your Fullest Potential
Free you Mind!

Atul Bhardwaj

Atul believes that “Training is Transformation”.
He believes every individual is unique. Each personality deserves to be successful in their respective lives provided they will get the required mentoring, coaching, and training.


His role is to help them identify their strengths and
live their life as joyful and happy souls. Atul is a self-motivated individual, who is responsible and committed to adding value to society.


He has an empathetic, compassionate, and
‘open-to-learning attitude. He helps people to transform and build
their self-image as confident and happy professionals.


He likes traveling, observing & understanding different Cultures and is an individual
with a high interpersonal skills.

At ARM we are dedicated to BUILD effective communication skills that will help the individual to have better coordination, increased accuracy, powerful behavior, and better interpersonal skills, which overall will help to excel in the competitive environment.

Personal development is a lifetime process. It’s a way for people to judge their skills and potential, deliberate their aims in life, and set goals in order to comprehend and. maximize their potential.

At ARM we are dedicated to Entrepreneur Training. providing individuals with excellent & consultancy services. We help them to set up and implement strategies in a proper way so they can make their business a successful venture and dominate the marketplace

NLP Training and Self Leadership Coaching

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a way of changing someone’s thoughts & behaviors to help achieve desired outcomes for them. It’s an approach to communication and personal development that focuses on how individuals organize their thinking, feeling, and language.


Self-leadership coaching is a one-to-one or group set up by ICF-certified Self-leadership and Executive Coach. Self-leadership is a practice of understanding who am I, identifying my desired experiences, and intentionally guiding towards them.


Training Cycle ARM’s training cycle includes


Our training interventions are of 2 types:


Ad hoc Trainings:

1. In this category, the clients have already identified their organizational training needs

2. The titles of the workshops are shared with us in an ongoing – month on monthly basis

3. We design, develop and customize the training modules as per the client’s business

4. We conduct the training workshops as per the dates provided by the client

5. The evaluation of training effectiveness is also conducted as per

End to End Training Ownership

1. In this category, we provide end-to-end training services to our clients
2. We begin by conducting the TNI, identifying the Training needs
3. The training titles and workshops are decided with the approval of the client
4. Training modules are designed, developed, and customized as per the client’s business
5. A training calendar for the next few months is decided to mention the training workshops to be conducted each month


We are committed to your personal and professional growth



Promote and facilitate personal change to achieve a better society, from a space of freedom of choice and thought.



Provide high-quality training to expand people’s awareness and resources, from a perspective of learning, abundance, and vulnerability with an attitude of service of excellence and continuous improvement.



Sincerity, Self-Discipline, Thankfulness, and Awareness. Uniqueness, Non-Judgmental. Collaboration.